Thanks for the great class!





I have enjoyed teaching you this semester and hope you will all keep making art in your own very special way.  Thanks for the ideas, projects, music and great conversations.  Keep it going!

3rd hour


Final Projects Continue….

Thank you for the survey responses.  This information will help make the class better next year.

But this year, with roughly a week left, people are busy, busy, busy working on their final projects.  Shown below are Ayat and Ayah working on their Final Projects.

Homework due Monday, May 15:  TAKE HOME ALL ART and supplies except your final project/supplies.    Remember art makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

Final Project Begins!


Above, Lindsay is working on her stickers for her final project.

Singer and Curtis show their plaster sculptures.

All are transitioned to their final projects.


Homework:  Give your feedback about the class via the survey.  If 8 or more people respond by 5/11/17 you will each receive 10 extra credit points!

Heads up!  Next week’s homework is to clear out all materials, except what is needed for your final project.  Start taking things home NOW!


Before you finalize your pose by plaster gauze wrapping, give some thought to how you would like your subject to be positioned.  Because we worked from the skeleton for the original armature, most students have very straight forward, proportional sculpture.  But how much more life-like could it be if it were to be in action.  Compare the two bulls above.  On the left, the Bull of Wall Street,  is very exaggerated and cartoonish but active, while the other is quite realistic but still.  Think about the different messages they send, and decide what pose you want for your own sculpture.

Homework due Monday, May 1

Draw two sketches of your sculpture subject, but in an animated pose.


Final Project

Above is a multiple exposure picture (one of 68 images created by Century Magazine photographer Dickenson Alley) of Tesla sitting in his Colorado Springs laboratory with his “magnifying transmitter” generating millions of volts.

Its time to start planning for the Final Project.  This is the time to propose something that you are really, really excited to try.  Towards that end, here is the information I need you to submit (same as the proposal form that I passed out in class) on Monday to discuss your project.  Please fill out thoroughly.  Note that you must include a sketch!


Final Project                                                            Proposal due: Monday, April 24

Soon we will be completing our last studio art assignment. You will have approximately two plus weeks to complete your project. (Of course if you miss days, your working time will be shorter.)   This is your chance to explore an area of interest to you. You may go into greater depth with materials or concepts we’ve examined before, or you may explore some aspect of art or craft we did not touch upon. Your project must be completed in the Art Room.

If you are unsure of what to do, suggest some possible ideas and we can discuss.

 Some ideas for final projects are listed below:

  1. Advanced level sculpture project – i.e. assemblage sculpture or mixed media sculpture project.
  2. Design a piece of furniture (including a scale model)
  3. Create a personal memory box, (see Joseph Cornell on the web)
  4. Silk screen or printing project
  5. Light metals project – jewelry pieces or small scale sculpture
  6. Design a clothing collection around a common theme. Create a fabric swatch board and collection of drawings.
  7. Advanced level painting project. Still life, figurative, landscape or homage to an artist
  8. Puppet or marionette using paper mache
  9. Design a structure/stage set for a play including a model.
  10. Knitting/crochet/macrame
  11. Accessory design and creation (purses, hats, gloves)
  12. Create a graphic novel.
  13. Plan and illustrate a complicated party event (i.e. wedding, inauguration)
  14. Build a model (architecture/transportation/furniture)
  15. Planar head design/collage/painting
  16. E-Portfolio (artifacts, reflection and growth)

Your project must be approved before you begin. You are welcome to use the materials in the art room, but for some projects you may need to purchase materials and this can be costly. Please remember, if you are using imagery that is copyrighted, you should transform that image significantly.

Typed proposal with sketch, materials and time line due on Monday 4/24.

Name: _________________________

General Description of Project and what you expect to learn:





Week 1 accomplishments:

Week 2 accomplishments:

Week 3 accomplishments:

What extensions to your project could you do if you finish early?


Materials needed:

(On reverse side draw a sketch of your proposed project.)

Wrapping up Altered Objects and Portrait Busts


The title says it all.  Multitasking.  Impossible?  We’ll see when we meet on Monday for the critique of both projects.

Above, Lindsay and Shreya paint their portrait busts of Kellyanne Conway and Albert Einstein.

Homework due Monday, April 17

  1.  Create a sketch (or sculpture) of your sculpture idea for the next unit (e.g. animal or human in wire and plaster gauze) in a NON-traditional art material, or,
  2. Draw your proposed sculpture for the next unit in a context that amplifies or subverts its conventional meaning.

See local art!

All over Champaign Urbana artists are showing their work at the Boneyard Arts Fest. Check out what people are doing and have fun!

Need extra credit? Write a 200 to 250 word review for up to 10 extra credit points. Send it to me via email by Monday 4/10 with a selfie of you with the art.