Eric Show

Please consider entering a piece of original 2D art into the Eric Show, a local high school show held at the Illini Union.  To enter, please submit your art to me on or before Friday, 2/22.  On the back of the piece, in pen, clearly write your name, University Lab. HS, media, title, sales price, or if not for sale, the insurance value.  Yes, theoretically you can sell your art, but realistically it is rare, however, the show is very professional and does provide insurance.  Most insurance values are in case the piece is lost or damaged, and vary between $50 to $200.  The show organizers will matt your piece and it will look very nice.

Mr. Murphy, Fing and I will then select the 8 pieces to represent Uni, so , in order to be considered, we need to receive it on or before 2/22.

The dates for the show will be March 7th-29th with an opening reception on Thursday, March 7th from 4:30-7pm at the Illini Union Art Gallery.


Other information:

The Eric Show, a local-area high school art competition,  was established in 2010 with an endowment from Dale and Margaret Steffensen in memory of Dale’s son Eric (1951-1970). While driving home from a hockey game, Eric was killed by a drunk driver at the corner of Race and Michigan streets in Urbana. He had graduated from Urbana High School the previous spring and was preparing his portfolio in order to continue his education in art, which had begun at UHS. He was also working with Rob Fisher, who was then a sculptor on the University of Illinois faculty. The Steffensens hoped to honor Eric’s legacy while at the same time encouraging the amazing young artists of this community. 40 North (the Champaign County Arts Council) has coordinated the Eric Show since its inception. 


Pavilion Planning

After creating 3 iterations of pavilion designs, one was chosen for further development.  Students are working on floor plans and facades before beginning to create the model.

Homework due Monday 2/11:  Final finished drawings of plan and facade with all notation requirements.

Here are the project details:


ASSIGNMENT:  Design and create a 3-D model representing a personal retreat for reflection for a cultural leader/historic person.  Design drawings are necessary and must be to scale for both the floor plan and façade. Most models will be constructed of corrugated and single ply cardboard, and should be embellished as needed to show color, texture and landscaping choices that reflect your inspiration.


Drawing of floor plan showing surrounding landscaping to scale (1/4” = 1’).

 Drawing of façade (one side) to scale to scale.

 Model of building and surrounding landscape to scale.

YOUR CLIENT’S BUDGET CONSIDERATIONS:   (Your client only can afford so much!)

 You are limited to 2,500 square feet of land area.  You have a choice of topographical features for your site.  For instance, you could plan to be next to a body of water or on a mountainous terrain. Your land area will be in the shape of a square and contain 2,400 square feet (40’x60’).  This means that your model’s land area will be 10” x 15”when using ¼” =1’ scale.

The maximum footprint of your building is 50% of  land area or 1,200 sq. feet.

(roughly 35’ x 35’; or 9” x 9” in ¼ inch scale)

The minimum footprint of your building is 25% of the land area, or 600 sq. feet.

(roughly 25’ x 25’; or 6 ¼” x 6 ¼” in ¼ inch scale)

You may have a maximum height of 40’

(roughly, if each floor is 10’ high, this means 4 stories)


You must have a minimum of 2 exits.

The interior will need to be visible, so if needed, your roof must be removable.

Due dates: Ground plan drawing in ¼” scale is due Tuesday, Feb. 5

                   Façade drawing due Monday, Feb. 11

                   Finished model is due Monday, Feb. 25 for critique.


FYI:  The dimensions of the Uni Art Room are 32’ x 18’ = 576 sq. ft.  That means that if we were to make a ¼” model of the room is would be 8” x 4.5”.


*Upper floors, staircases are not requiredand can be time consuming to create…but allowable.

GroundFloor Plan Requirements:  ¼” scale



Lot Shape

Building Shape

Doors  (arc with door)

Openings  (blank space)

Windows (parallel lines)

Skylights  (dotted Lines)

Overhangs  (dotted Line)

Walls (Thick and Solid exterior walls vs. Thin and solid interior walls)


Floor coverings


Water features

Landscaping (trees and walkways etc.)

Furniture (optional)

Color only ground area (optional)

Key with North indication, your name and client name and total square feet under cover,












Empathy Maps for Pavilion “Clients”

img_9310img_9343Scenes from our Irrational Space Project Critique.   Very creative work shown.  Lots of great ideas and execution!


HW:  Due Monday 1/28

Finish Empathy Map:     SAY/DO     and    FEEL/THINK

This project can be done in your sketchbook or on a piece of cardboard if you prefer.  You are trying to get into the head of your client.


This part will list your research about what your artist client has said and done.  Very factual.  Try to have at least 7 entries.

Think /Feel

This is your intuitive thoughts about your artist’s style.  Create doodles, drawings, swatches of colors, patterns and textures that you feel fit your artist, and show things they would like.  This could be natural or man-made.  This could be mixed media collage style, or a drawing.




Irrational Space Project


This week students finished up their irrational space project.  Kate is shown above busy cutting out her 3 boxes.  The projects certainly show students’ creativity!

Homework due Tues. 1/22

Draw a design a table, chair or light fixture inspired by your irrational space.  Be prepared to explain how your design relates to your art project.  Below is Salvadore Dali’s lips sofa for his Mae West room in his house.


Welcome to 3D Art in 2019

Hello.  We are beginning our semester by creating an Irrational Space as inspired by the surrealist artists Magritte and Dali.  Juxtaposition and surprise (along with creativity and craftsmanship) will make these sculptures unforgettable.  A Dali double image study is shown below.

Version 2


Homework due Monday 1/14:  Substitution Collage

Create a collage depicting either an animal created from inorganic materials or a spaceship from exclusively organic materials.  Either option should contain at least 6 different components.  You may incorporate drawing too, as long as it is not the dominant element.

Finishing Touches

This week students worked purposefully on their final projects.  Many are taking on a completely new media and struggling a bit to get over the hill, but I see progress.  Quickly I hope it will become a landslide of progress.  Many are involved in researching and collecting adventures.  So far there is not much physical stuff to show, but quickly that needs to change into something tangible because final critiques are next week.

Do your best.


Homework due WEDNESDAY, May 16

Take home all of your work, clean out your box and leave only your FINAL PROJECT for critique.

Extra credit…

If at least 80% of 3D classes responds to this survey, you each receive 10 extra credit points.